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Possibly the most inappropriate children’s book ever devised. From 1974. As well as the innocuous stuff about throwing parties and baking biscuits (which I’ve left out) it shows you how to magic warts, how to make a cursing potato figure to stick pins in, how to plant flowers in honour of the moon goddess, and more… including a ritual to summon spirits, complete with cut-out cardboard pentagrams.

You’d never get away with this nowadays. Frankly I’m not sure how they got away with it back then.

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I… I didn’t know that they could be purple.

it’s a shiny.

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Give Yourself Permission


Give yourself permission to not be liked by total strangers, and yet to go on living a happy and productive life.

Give yourself permission to do what is in your best interest.

Free yourself of the good opinion of others. The only opinion that counts is that of your own conscience.

Give yourself…

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"Raised with male privilege"


There’s this phenomenon in which cis women will start talking about how trans women are “raised with male privilege” and how this supposedly means various things. I was most recently reminded of this by mysocalledqueerlife, who wrote a post about how fraught a topic this can be and how dangerous…

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what if krogans sleep in a lump. kroglump.  like their legs tuck under and their crest goes under their back shell. 


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The villian is in control. The villian is a mask of elegance and style behind which is a whirring and brilliant intelligence but the tricky is to make it all look easy. We never bring us sweat, we don’t get our hands dirty”, - Tom Hiddleston in Jaguar commercial. (x)

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Here’s a couple of Tom Hiddleston.gifs when he auditioned for the part of Thor

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Tombstone Piñata- Happy Hallows!



I was co-commissioned to build a tombstone piñata, to go up against steel swords at Academie Duello’s awesome Hallowe’en party. The tombstone needed to be strong enough to withstand blows, but still able to break in under 15 minutes, to release the sugary goodness within.

After a consultation…

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New #HauntedMansion #Disney cincher! See it in person at booth #731 at #ComikazeExpo #Comikaze #corsets #corset #disneyland

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That moment when you realize how loved you were


At first i just wanted to draw Loki’s stupid face being indignant but things escalated from there :p

One time I told my friend’s mom that I was “okay” with durian and she immediately started telling everyone that I loved durian and I had to eat all this durian stuff that tasted like farts.

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This started off so funny and then BAM! Breaks your damn heart. NOT OKAY. T_T